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           Electronic Assembly


Let Orlo take care of the assembly


Orlotronics employs experienced J-STD-001 certified assembly technicians to ensure compliance with Military Specifications and to maintain the highest level of quality in every project.


Our assembly department is well equipped with the tools necessary to produce an extremely broad range of military, aerospace, and commercial electronic assemblies.


Our specialties include:



Our electronic assembly equipment includes:


And don't forget, unlike other electronic assembly shops, Orlotronics has a full machine shop located onsite as well, enabling us to offer unmatched value and service. 

            Facilities List

                          Mechanical Assembly


Wire Rope Assemblies:

Our wire rope processing capabilities enable us to do long-run and short-run swaged wire rope assemblies. 

We manufacture and test a variety of wire rope assemblies, lanyards, and control cables.

We can swage ball terminals as well as standard & custom fittings & sleeves. 

See some examples on the Showcase page.




General Assembly:

We are able to work in virtually any material :


Lever Assembly

                             Machine Shop


Machining Capabilities

In-House Shop Secondary Operations

Hot Air Gun, Manufactured by Orlotronics Corp

                         Inspection & Testing


Orlotronics will tailor our inspection process to meet your individual needs.


With a more than 30 years of experience delivering products for use by the men and women serving in the US Military, Orlotronics understands the importance of product quality.


Our engineering staff is familiar with the some of the oldest and newest MIL and Commercial Specs as well as FAR & DFAR contract requirements.


The QC Department at Orlotronics is appointed with equipment to inspect dimensional conformity of everything we make.  In our lab we regularly perform a variety electrical, electronic & mechanical testing as well as environmental and other performance tests such as pneumatic-hydraulic pressure tests and tensile strength tests.


                         Parts Identification & Packaging


Finally, consider Orlotronics for your final part marking, parts identification, and packaging requirements. 


Our MIL-STD-130 & Commercial parts identification offerings include:



We can also provide MIL-STD-129 packaging, barcoding, RFID, and DD250 Invoicing.


Contact us today to see how Orlotronics can help!

1000+ Cycle Automated Durability Test, Engineered by Orlotronics to Meet Our Customer's Specifications